Saturday, August 25, 2007


Brief bio hereunder  -  Based in Mumbai India- A postgraduate in
English, A. Thiagarajan taught in colleges in India, before joining
the finance sector. He has been writing in English and Tamil since
college days.

His work (poems, haiku, short-stories and articles) has appeared in
Poetic Diversity, A Little Poetry, Poetry Canada, Ygdrasil,
Lililitreview, SAWF, Tinywords, pwreview, poetrysuperhighway,
betterkarma, DNA, NDTV, Indolink, The Heron's Nest, Haiku Harvest,
Cloudspeak, Velvetillusion,, Meghdutam, Mainichi etc.
Nuances of relationship between individuals, mental pain and cruelty
we inflict on each other and ourselves are his obsession. Interests
include finance, Sri Aurobindo and mythology. He lives in Mumbai with
his wife Rama; his son, Ganesh (24) works in the US.